Montag, 2. August 2010

When On Google Earth 97

Hello again! I've solved When On Google Earth, No. 96. Here is When On Google Earth, No. 97:

The Rules of When on Google Earth are as follows:
Q: What is When on Google Earth?
A: It’s a game for archaeologists, or anybody else willing to have a go!

Q: How do you play it?
A: Simple, you try to identify the site in the picture.

Q: Who wins?
A: The first person to correctly identify the site, including its major period of occupation, wins the game.

Q: What does the winner get?
A: The winner gets bragging rights and the chance to host the next When on Google Earth on his/her own blog!

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  1. Fortifications of Gäwür Gala, Merv, Turkmenistan, with citadel Erk Gala. Achaemenid period through to Sasanian, Abbasid & Seljuk.

    For further info see
    where there is an excellent teachers' handbook available as pdf.


  2. Damn it Heather - you piped me to Merv!

  3. Sorry Geoff, old chap ...

  4. . . it'sad - I'm definitely loosing my touch.

  5. Excellent Heather!! So please show us the next WOGE.

  6. OK, WOGE 98 is now up and running: